Supergirl recap: A Thanksgiving of ice and fire

<em>Supergirl</em> recap: A Thanksgiving of ice and fire

Kara and company celebrate a glum Thanksgiving this year for a myriad of reasons. Let’s run them down:

Masked citizens calling themselves the Children of Liberty are patrolling the streets, accosting innocent aliens and escorting around a German shepherd that really doesn’t like Supergirl, which is weird because dogs usually love her.

She and Manchester Black chase them off, but not before a passel of leaflets rain down on their heads. Titled “Twilight’s Last Gleaming,” it’s an anti-alien manifesto that is not fun holiday reading.

Manchester’s trip back to the dark side following Fiona’s death didn’t take long; not only does he have corrupt cop-turned-Children of Liberty member Petrocelli strung up in his bathroom to torture him for information about the organization, but he turns down J’onn’s invitation to Kara’s “Pilgrim Day” feast. Fool! Always say yes to a Danvers party!

At the DEO, Haley reprimands Supergirl for intervening in the attack and refuses to use DEO resources to investigate the manifesto or the Children. Alex winks as she tells Brainy to stop investigating. Bless his alien mind, when he finally cracks her code, he promises at the top of his lungs to keep investigating IN COMPLETE SECRECY.

Lena and Eve are frustrated that their attempts to cure cancer with the Harun-El rock from last season aren’t working — until they try to incinerate one of their failed experimental hearts and can’t get it to burn. So invincibility looks promising, at least.

Also, Lena booked James onto Sean Chiu’s news show Counterpoint Daily, but she doesn’t tell him until the day of, which is wildly inconsiderate. You need prep time before a TV appearance, to say nothing of a good moisturizing, hydration, and no-carbs regime. James says he’s already got an interview scheduled with the Children of Liberty at that time, so Lena busts out the boss card and orders him to make the interview happen. Awkward.

James tasks Kara to be his TV replacement so he can keep his appointment with Tom, a Children of Liberty member who asks how much James can bench within fifteen seconds of meeting him, which is a perfect character detail. Tom praises Guardian’s inspiration, but James points out that he fights all lawbreakers and asks Tom not to use “roaches” as a slur around him. They patrol through quiet neighborhoods with the Supergirl-hating dog, and Tom gets in touch with “his wife” every time the dog barks. For some reason, James isn’t suspicious about this.

Kara has to wake Nia up at her desk to help her prep for Counterpoint. Nia blames narcolepsy and says she needs to find a National City sleep specialist to work with her on it. Kara invites her to Thanksgiving dinner so Mama Danvers can offer Nia some doctor recommendations.

As Kara prepares to go on the air, Nia grabs her by the shoulders and assures her, “You are passionate, you are intelligent, your hair looks amazing — did you get highlights?” Nia is the hero we all need!

Ben’s probably having the best week of anybody in National City; he’s getting decent exposure on the news shows and in fact is booked on Counterpoint opposite Kara. However, when he brings home supplies for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s all in one small bag, and I’m pretty sure he put the rolls at the bottom. He is a monster.

But he’s a monster who bests Kara in their televised debate. Sure, Kara points out the extraordinary contributions of aliens to society and says Thanksgiving is about welcoming different cultures, but Ben asks why Guardian hasn’t renounced the Children of Liberty and points out that the European invaders slaughtered the indigenous hosts of the first Thanksgiving. What if, 100 years from now, aliens will be celebrating that same victory over turkey and yams?

Whew. So. That’s quite a setup for the world’s dreariest Thanksgiving dinner, which starts with Eliza shading Alex’s canned cranberries despite the fact that her daughter is a hard-working woman and a boss and an angel on Earth, and nobody’s going to eat the cranberries anyway, no matter how fresh they are.

Things get worse from there. Kara’s wallowing in her televised defeat, Lena’s angry that James blew off the interview, Nia lies to Eliza about already having a sleep specialist in National City, and Manchester shows up to ask J’onn to read Petrocelli’s mind for Liberty leads. (Hey, at least Manchester brought a bottle of bourbon.)

The gathering turns into a debate about humans versus aliens. Lena wants to level the playing field by enhancing human powers and insists that no evil humans would get access to these upgrades, but Alex wants to know who gets to play God and make decisions about which humans are worthy. It’s a tense conversation made worse by the mixture of people in the know and not in the know about the secret alien identities gathered around the table.

Then the group starts putting together the clues they’ve been gathering all episode long: The alien-sensing dog allowed the Children of Liberty to identify alien houses, and the special lenses that Manchester discovered in Petrocelli’s mask will allow the Children to see the infrared marks. “Twilight’s last gleaming” announces when the attack on the houses will take place: at sunset, in twenty minutes. (Next page: Kara fights a dragon)

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